Faroe Islands Postal History

I primarily collect Faroe Islands postal history but also collect mint and postally used Faroese stamps. My exhibit "Faroe Islands Mail, 1751-1948" won two Gold awards at the International/FIP level, first at London 2010 (five frames; 91 points) and most recently at New York 2016 (eight frames; 92 points). It has also won a national Grand award at the Minnesota Stamp Expo 2011. It has also won multiple national-level gold medals at exhibitions in the United States, Scandinavia and in the UK.

DAKA GF10 Catalog

DAKA GF10 2010 Catalog

The DAKA GF10 2010 catalog is still available! The primary reference for Faroe Islands collectors, the 2010 edition was the first update in over ten years and the first time in color. New sections include Postal History to 1870, Revenues, Vacation Stamps, and Freight Stamps. I am proud to have served as the principal editor for this edition which amounted to be an almost complete re-write of the catalog.

Please visit the publisher's website, Philtrade Danmark A/S for more information on the catalog.

Looking ahead to future editions, I am maintaining a list of GF10 Catalog Updates, tracking additions and corrections to the 2010 edition.

Faroe Islands Postcards

1905 Grind close-up

In addition to postal history, I also collect classic-era Faroe Islands postcards.

Research in Progress

A page of covers I am researching. If you have any information on these, I would love to hear from you!

Other Interesting Covers

A page of additional covers that you may be interested in...